MEA Piano Studio

Alexandra, Va 22310


About this Guide

This blog is meant to be a guide for the parents and students of MEA Piano Studio that participate in the yearly Sonatina Festival as for other piano studios that participate in a similar event. Receiving the yearly sonatina trophy takes a lot of work and effort. And so does participating in this event year after year, earning a special trophy for each year of participation.

How to Use this Site

This site will give a list of Sonatinas for students at various levels. Students should listen to or play the sample provided to decide on the Sonatina they would like to learn for the year.

About MEA Piano Studio

MEA Piano Studio is small-scale but private piano studio in Alexandria, Virginia. Owned and thus operated by only one teacher, MEA Piano Studio offers lessons to children of all ages and skill levels. The instructor received a B.A. in Music Composition and has over 10 years of expertise teaching piano full-time. Students of MEA Piano Studio are very active and thus become involved in a lot of non-competitive functions all year round. A majority of these activities are from traditional music associations, like the Northern Virginia Music Teacher's Association in addition to the Springfield Music Club, and are aimed at pupils across all age ranges and levels.